About Almeraisi Mosaics



Message from CEO


“We might be a small company in numbers, but we believe that we are
influential in the design arena of the building industry. Mosaics can bring beauty
to once-lifeless spaces and their colour, material, and ultimate design create
talking points”. Professional catalogues; product training; and a dedicated
service to meet the ever-growing demand for quality and fashionable mosaics.

“I believe that our company's passion for the beauty that mosaics can bring
differentiates us in the market”.

Mohammed Jassim Mohammed Khalifa Almeraisi

[Cheif Excutive Officer]



We are the first and best mosaic manufacturing in the Mid-East of Gulf. We started Almeraisi Mosaics in 2009, who are passionate about this colorful field.

Mosaic Marble is the fruit of a passion that has been passing on from generation to generation. Growing from one small family business to an internationally recognized company, we are proud to have become leaders in mosaic manufacturing, famed for our unparalleled quality services and value for money.

Our mosaics are the true reflection of our passion; this is why each one of them is handcrafted meticulously and carefully, from the design phase all the way till the installation. Our determination to be the best compels us to work with the most talented local designers, making sure no customer wish remains unaccomplished.

Our fast delivery service never fails, catering to our wide clientele wherever they are. While our presence continues to expand internationally, so does our promise to always exceed the expectations of an increasing base of happy clients.

We fill Homes, offices, hotels, malls, gardens and swimming pools with unique mosaic exquisiteness and beauty.

Talk to us. We can transform into mosaic art any design, painting, portrait, or picture of your choice. We bring your empty spaces to life…

Mohammed Almeraisi was one who start the first Glass Mosaic Factory in the Mid-East market. Established Almeraisi Mosaics Glass Factory, we wholesaling mosaics and tile décor products when he identified a need in the Glass Mosaics tile business for more mosaic, décor, and tile accent products. The Mosaic Collection, who began supplying tile retailers in 2009. Since then the business has grown and has expanded across UAE.

We understood how fickle the mosaic market can be. With so many different products to choose from around the world we had to be absolutely certain that a specific range would be accepted and supported by the local market”. It's a skill that we successfully passed down who, as the head of the company, is responsible for the buying of the fashionable tile décor.

Almeraisi Mosaics not only imports mosaics and wholesales them to select retailers around UAE, but also has the in-house capability to design and make up mosaic mixes and fades. The Creative Assembly Department is a labour-intensive component of the business that employs up to 15 people who work tirelessly to make up beautiful patterns that are installed throughout the world. Hotels, restaurants, lavish homes, and corporates with a fair for design characteristically play home to some of the tasteful mosaic designs made up in the Mid-East business premises.